JAXPORT/AMPORTS to handle newest Acura models headed to Mid-East markets

American Honda Motor Co, Inc., has selected JAXPORT to export brand-new Acura MDX and TLX models to the Middle East. JAXPORT tenant AMPORTS will handle the vehicle processing and the cars will be shipped via Höegh Autoliners.

This is the first time brand-new Acura models will be available in the Middle East through a dealership network in the region. Kuwait will be the first market to receive the Acuras.

"This new business illustrates the confidence that American Honda has in JAXPORT and our service partners,” said Roy Schleicher, JAXPORT Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. “Thanks to the superior work being done by our tenants, partners and employees, JAXPORT continues to solidify our position as the nation’s number one port for vehicle exports."

Volumes of Hondas exported through JAXPORT topped 40,000 units last year, with vehicles going to the Middle East, Africa, South America, and the Caribbean.

“We are grateful for the growing commitment from Honda,” said AMPORTS CEO Jim Davis. “This decision sends clear message about the high quality of the work done here at the port in Jacksonville.”

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