We extend our commitment to quality by adding new health ...

AMPORTS a safer place," he said.
As a member of the Port’s Safety Committee, McVey has observed, “Businesses in the Port are trying to make the entire Port a safer and healthier workplace for all.” For her part, she has conducted safety training at the Dundalk facility to ensure that employees complete their responsibilities and go home safely each day. “I also enjoy coordinating most of the charity events we sponsor,” McVey said, "including the Hat & Mitten Tree program, community food drive and Relay for Life program." On many projects and programs, McVey works closely with Leo McFadden, AMPORTS’ Senior Vice President of Operations East Coast. "Charlotte is a pleasure to work with,” McFadden said. “She is committed to improving safety and quality at AMPORTS. But more importantly, she takes great pride in serving the community and local charitable organizations, and we are a better company thanks to her.” McVey doesn’t have any set schedule. “I go wherever the quality path leads for the day,” she said. That includes tracking quality-related issues and issuing Corrective Actions, if needed. She writes all work instructions/procedures for each process and works with supervisors to ensure their processes are correct and employees are following instructions. McVey also writes newsletters, even making up puzzles and games related to safety and quality. She teaches all the required safety courses to all supervisors and employees at

Charlotte McVey of AMPORTS is “all for spreading the word about quality, safety and the environment” around the Port of Baltimore. Yet, it was something of an accident that got her into the maritime business in the fi rst place. Back in 1987, “I went to have lunch one day with my sister-in-law, who worked as a Ford cargo truck detailer at PreDelivery Service, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford,” McVey recalled. “Her supervisor approached me and offered me a job detailing trucks. I decided to give it a shot.” McVey worked her way up until the auto industry got into quality ratings and QS 90 and ISO programs back in the ’90s. When asked to become ISO Coordinator, she fi nally felt she had moved from just doing a job to beginning a career. “In 2001, AMPORTS contacted me and offered me the position as the Quality Coordinator,” she said. McVey has been handling AMPORTS’ quality system at all three of its Baltimore centers ever since. Her offi cial title now is Quality/ISO Lead Auditor-Safety Coordinator

Recognizing the benefi ts of the ISO program, AMPORTS extended its commitment to quality by adding new health and safety programs in the workplace to its list of priorities. This new goal expanded McVey’s duties with the company. "During Charlotte’s 11 years at AMPORTS, our semi-annual ISO surveillance audits have improved at all three

Recognizing the benefits of the ISO program, AMPORTS extended its commitment to quality by adding new health and safety programs in the workplace to its list of priorities.

Baltimore terminals to the point where we have several years of zero fi ndings," said Jim Wiedermann, Terminal Manager for AMPORTS Dundalk. “This is a direct result of her hard work and knowledge of the quality system." A few years back, Wiedermann asked McVey to take the lead in AMPORTS’ safety program. “She willingly jumped right in and has made great strides in making

Dundalk and sometimes at the Atlantic and Chesapeake facilities. On a more personal note, McVey is very family oriented, with a husband of 43 years, one daughter, two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. But she doesn’t have any plans of halting work any time soon. “I truly enjoy the diversity this position offers me," shesaid. “There’s never a dull moment."

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