Assistant Supervisor

2700 Broening Highway Baltimore, MD 21222

Work schedule [Hours/day, including overtime]: 8-12 hours daily Days/Week: 40-80hours weekly

Minimum Competency Requirements:

High school education or equivalent

Working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, and Outlook)

Planning ability

Communication skills

Experience supervising unionized workforce preferred

Previous operations experience, preferably in automotive field

Initiative for learning and understanding Safety, HR, Union, Federal & State Laws & Regulations

Able to resolve operational problems

Ability to discipline employees per union contract and company policy

Description of Job/Tasks:

Essential functions: Organize people & documents, Meet deadlines, Supervise Staff, Average Computer skills, math & word skills, operate copier, fax, phone, etc. Maintain compliance to all federal, state, local regulations, detail oriented with good follow through skills, people oriented. Verify accuracy of staff reports, records, invoices, etc. Problem solving skills. Ensure operations of equipment and people. Direct

employees. Provide customer satisfaction. Chair meetings and events, provide needed resource

And training for personnel, order supplies and tools work closely with quality and safety

coordinators, deal with union personnel. Evaluate suppliers.

Non-essential functions: Meet with suppliers, set quality objectives for staff, and determine training needs

staff, ensure quality objectives and company policies are met.


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